The Americans Are Coming 2

Don’t get us wrong, Blues Matters is a British magazine, albeit one that covers the world of Blues, which has its roots in the US (and Africa). So, naturally we love our British Blues acts, from ones that have been with us a long time, from the Downliners Sect (, 50 years old, still going strong, and featured in our last issue, to Kyle & Moore (, who only paired up in 2013.

However, even we have to admit we’re lucky to have regular shows in the UK by great American acts, and as November comes closer, a fresh wave is coming. No sooner have Moreland & Arbuckle ( finished their first tour, featuring an appearance on Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 show, than the next bands are arriving. So, take a look at the sample below and go and see them live if you can.


Willie Nile (– two historic British venue owners steeped in the Blues tell us Willie is their favourite visiting artist. So he gets first mention.


The Americans Are Coming - Billy WaltonThe Billy Walton Band (  – a superb band out of New Jersey, and “a star in the making” according to Roger Mayer, the studio wizard who worked with Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimi Page, and Stevie Wonder.

Walter Trout ( – Walter pulls a good crowd when he comes, and he deserves it.

Ryan McGarvey ( –  a promoter who we know worked for three years to get Ryan here. He was worth the effort.

Skinny Molly ( – strong and gripping original Rock ‘n’ Roll music, and with a couple of stonking Lynyrd Skynyrd covers thrown  in by ex-Skynyrd guitarist, Mike Estes.

Kirsten Thien ( – putting some of the sensuality back into the Blues. Check out her Taxi Love.

P-A-U-L Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown ( Powerful Blues trio, with Paul’s rasping vocals. They shared their last tour diary with us, here