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It’s people like you and magazines like Blues Matters that help new artists get noticed and from the bottom of my heart… thank you!

– Sarah and Rob: Red Dirt Skinners

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Tel: +44(0)1656 745628 (11.30am-4pm)

Or Email: [email protected]


Tel: +44(0)1656 745628 (11.30am-4pm)

Or Email: [email protected]


Issue 116
(Period Oct-Nov 2020)

Goes to print: 11th Sep

On Sale date: 28th Sept 2020

Advert Booking deadline: 28th Aug 2020

Artwork dreadline: 4th Sept 20


Issue 117
(Period Dec ’20-Jan 2021)

Goes to print: 13th Nov

On Sale date: 27th Nov 2020

Advert Booking dreadline: 26th Oct 2020

Artwork dreadline: 2nd Nov 20


Issue 118
(Period Feb – Mar 2021)

Goes to print: 8th Jan 2020

On Sale date: 29th/Jan/2021

Advert Booking deadline: Thurs 16th Dec 21

Artwork deadline: 22nd Dec 21

Issue 119 
(Period Apr–May 2021)

Goes to print: 12th Mar 2021

On Sale date: 26th Mar 2021Advert

Booking deadline: Mon 26th Feb 21

Artwork deadline: 5th Mar 21


Issue 120
(Period June-July 2021)

Goes to print: 14th May

On Sale date: 28th May 2021

Advert Booking deadline: Fri 30th Apr 21

Artwork deadline: 7th May 21


Issue 121
(Period Aug-Sept 2021)

Goes to print: 16th July

On Sale date: 30th July 2021

Advert Booking deadline: Fri 2nd July 21

Artwork deadline: 9th July 21


Issue 122
(Period Oct-Nov 2021)

Goes to print: 10th Sept

On Sale date: 24th Sept 2021

Advert Booking deadline: Tues 27th Aug 21

Artwork deadline: 3rd Sept 21


Issue 123 
(Period Dec ’21-Jan 2022)  

Goes to print: 12th Nov

On Sale date: 26th Nov 2021

Advert Booking deadline: Tues 29th Oct 21

Artwork deadline: 5th Nov 21