The Achievers are pleased to announce their 2020 UK tour, taking place in March/April. The UK Blues Challenge winners will be performing songs from their critically acclaimed album ‘The Lost Arc‘ as well as favourites from their debut album ‘Live at The SVA‘.

image of UK Blues Challenge winners The Achievers on stage

The Achievers

Set to cover twelve dates across the country, The Achievers will bring their unique and typically joyful music to a range of the UK’s finest blues clubs and independent venues.


Tickets for most dates are on sale now, and details can be found at or


19th March – Bluefunk R&B Club, Poynton
20th March – York Blues Club
21st March – Hartlepool Blues Club
22nd March – The Baker’s Vaults, Stockport
25th March – Vonnies Blues Club, Cheltenham
28th March – Winchombe Blues Weekend, Gloucestershire
1st April – The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
2nd April – Diseworth Blues Club, Leicestershire
3rd April – Edinburgh Blues Club
4th April – The Flying Circus, Neward
10th April – The Subscription Rooms, Stroud
11th April – Mid Wales R&B Club, Brecon

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