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“Today she is widely regarded as the top female interpreter and authority on traditional country blues worldwide.” The Blues Foundation

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Rory Block by Shonna Veleska

Announcing the release of the 6th CD in her Mentor SeriesKeepin’ Outta Trouble: A Tribute To Bukka White


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Keepin’ Outta Trouble – A Tribute To Bukka White, is now the sixth release in her Mentor Series, tribute recordings dedicated entirely to the rediscovered blues masters I met in person as a teenager.


Each one of these legendary players imparted a veritable treasure trove of first-hand information to me, resulting in a life-long deep well of inspiration.

This project is my way of saying thank you to Son House, Fred McDowell, Reverend Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, and Bukka White – some of the all-time greatest and most influential names in early blues.

Through fate, through luck, or perhaps some kind of divine intervention, I happened to be at the right place at the right time, and today it seems ever more precious and fleeting. I hope my humble offering contributes in some small way by giving credit where credit is due.

To Buy This Album & Read About Rory Meeting Bukka – Click Here – Rory Block Keepin’ Outta Trouble – A Tribute To Bukka White

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Rory Block has also released a new book called – When A Woman Gets The Blues – To Buy It Go To – Rory Block

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“This is much more than just a book or life story. It’s a collection of moving, gut-wrenching, soul cleansing prose artfully mixed with poetry, paintings, and stunning photographs.

Rory proves to be a masterful, incredibly revealing writer. Just as she’s a focused and intensely powerful performer, she demonstrates those same traits here.

She takes the reader on a fascinating journey that ultimately proves that her strong will can conquer life’s toughest challenges.” Jim Hynes – radio host and music writer.

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Rory Block & Cindy Cashdollar the Sisters of Slide are currently touring dates listed below –

07/29/17 – CHATHAM, NY PS21

For More Info – Rory Block