Photo of Quinn Sullivan & Buddy Guy by Chuck Lanza
Quinn Sullivan & Buddy Guy by Chuck Lanza

Quinn Sullivan talks to Blues Matters about his Top 5 Buddy Guy songs and shares his thoughts with us on each track.

First up is – SKIN DEEP – “This has always been a favourite of mine. It tells the story that underneath our skin, everyone is the same, and how everyone should be treated the same, black or white. It’s a powerful message and every time Buddy plays it live, you can see his whole life in front of your eyes flash past you as he sings the tune.”


2 – LET ME LOVE YOU – “This song is a Buddy classic. If you don’t know this one, then go find it and listen to it. In my opinion, it’s the beginning of electrifying guitar and the originality of the solo on this tune made people like Jeff Beck go “who is that?””


3 – MY TIME AFTER AWHILE –  “I love this one by Buddy. The band that was playing on this recording knew what Buddy was doing so well and really made him pop vocally as well as his guitar playing.”

4 – SHE SUITS ME TO A TEE – “One word for this one. Bad-ass… Buddy kills on this song and so does the incredible band with an out of this world horn section answering his blistering vocals and his funky guitar playing. Truly a favourite of mine.”

5 – SIT AND CRY – “This tune brings tears to my eyes. This was one of Buddy’s earliest recordings. It starts with that unmistakable vocal. You can hear the pain in his voice and how he lets everything out with this intense solo with not a lot of notes but very few that do something to me every time I hear the song.”

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Photo of Quinn Sullivan by Chuck Lanza
Quinn Sullivan by Chuck Lanza