Hello, I’m KatWoman of the Blues and proud to be a part of the fabric and history of this beautiful city (London, UK).

Singing the Blues, sometimes it feels like I’m connecting directly with my ancestors, this gives me a lifeline and reason for being.


I’m from Los Angeles, California but live in North London close to markets, venues and neighbourhood pubs that have rocked my world for the past 30 years.


I’ve chosen these artists for different reasons. But most of all, I wanted to feel them, hear them, and acknowledge how through their artistry we can see the Blues past, present and future.

1 – Big Mama Thornton – Everything Gonna Be Alright

She Reminds me of a gentle giant…so much character in her voice and like many, paved the future for some of our most popular artists.

2 – Bonnie Rait – I’m In The Mood

I remember exactly where I was and possibly the time when I first heard this song. Bonnie handles that slide guitar like she was born in a swamp!

3 – Lynn Jordan – If I Can’t Sell It

The Sassy Strong Blues singer has always attracted me. Her vocals are full of character and confidence with a story to tell.

4 – Anne Harris – Hymn For Her

Reminds me of how the “real” roots of the Blues was born. “The Blues has probably always been about whites learning from blacks, blacks learning from whites” The sound of the African instruments married the sound of European instruments… West Africancall and response” mix with European Folk music. (Read: “White people, blues music and the problem of cultural appropriation” – https://medium.com/@IRahmanJones/white-people-blues-music-and-the-problem-of-cultural-appropriation-3e61b8d25c03)

5 – Deitra Farr – In A Dark Place

Now, this Sista has got the BLUES! That rumble of the base and the cry of that harp digs into your soul. “Sometimes you have to go dark to recognize the light” Deitra Farr.

6 – Thornetta Davis – Please Send Me Someone To Love

I sing this song nearly every day…I’m waiting, hahaha! The whole package here on stage is undeniably Beautiful!

7 – Zakiya Hooker – Desconfio (mistrust)

The first time I’ve ever heard an English-as-a first language person sing in another language and still GIVE ME DA BLUES!

8 – Peaches Staten – Hoochie Coochie Woman

One of my favourite Zydeco Rubboard players and all-around Blues artist.

9 – Muddy Magnolias – Down by the Riverside

Wishing these ladies will help to bring the Blues to the forefront of popularity for our younger audiences.

10 – Southern Avenue – We’re Gonna Make It

One of our “youngins of the Blues” signed to STAXX Records. I think they will help to change the face of Blues.

Kat Pearson is a solo singer/songwriter under her own name and London-based band Kat & Co – for more info go to – Kat Pearson.

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