Kat & Co. Blues Is The New Cool


Kat&Co. release “Blues is the new cool” on ToneTrade Records.

This long awaited second album tells, once again, stories of cosmopolitan life, questioning the relevance of the Blues in Contemporary settings. The lyrical content and their trademark Urban-Blues sound, a mix of modern beats played by traditionally sourced instruments (Dobros, Cigar Box Guitars, Hammonds etc..), is aimed at captivating a new generation of Blues lovers. The CD and digital download are currently available only through the band’s website at http://www.katandco.co.uk/, where fans can also stream the album for free. With the music world overcrowded with digital streaming services, which saturate the market and deprive artists of their livelihood, Kat & Co. decided to temporarily limit this release,
allowing fans to preview it on their website, and connect directly with them if they wish to.


It will soon be available from every retailer worldwide but for now, if you want it, you know where to find it – http://www.katandco.co.uk/


“Kat & Co. produced what I would describe as “nightclub blues”….. it is smoky, it is sassy and it is very classy” – Blues Matters Magazine


With family traditions rooted in the cotton fields of rural Tennessee, Kathleen Pearson is the real deal. But it is in the heart of London that she went looking for the Blues of the 21st Century. Under the Kat & Co. flag this eclectic quintet shares stories and sounds of ordinary cosmopolitan life.



Kat brings with her the heart of a musical style which originated in America and is loved by the world! Coming from a long history of Gospel hymns, Blues hummers and Soul singers, Kathleen sings through her heart and from the depths of her soul. She brings to the band the true tradition of the Blues song from her urban roots. You may have seen Kathleen’s face on the cover of ID Magazine or in the video of the hit single “Block Rockin’ Beats” by the Chemical Brothers…Or maybe you would have heard her voice singing to a standing ovation crowd at Montreaux Festival or guesting on the hit single of D:Ream’s “Things Can Only Get Better”. Kathleen has shared the stage with LuLu, Mud Morganfield (Muddy Waters Jr), Jason Robello, Tony Remy, Lil Jimmy Reed, also with Chicago Blues Queens Peaches Staten and Deitra Farr to name a few.



FRANCESCO ACCURSO – Production / Guitars / Vocals

Started his music studies in Italy with maestro G. La Monica and moved later on to Los Angeles to complete his studies with Scott Henderson, Carl Schroeder and many others at the world famous Musician’s Institute of Technology in Hollywood (CA). After many years of extensive work as a side musician, he settled in London to start his own production company and focus on writing, arranging and making records. Francesco’s eclectic guitar style and production skills have given the band it’s own thumb print. www.tonetrade.co.uk


FEDERICO PARODI – Hammond Organ / Piano / Vocals

After completing his Jazz Piano studies at Centro Jazz Torino (Italy), Federico moved to London where he has been constantly performing on the London Blues circuit. With residencies at “Charlotte Street Blues” and “Ain’t Nothin But” as part of the house band, he had the chance to perform with some of London’s most influential musicians and to open for many international artists (Lurrie Bell, Deitra Farr to name a few). He’s also a BAFTA award winning animator and video maker and his shorts have been selected in many festivals around the world. Brings to the band chunky Hammond chops, a pinch of soul and striking visuals; don’t miss the first Kat & Co. official videoclip “New Spleen Blues” www.fredpar.com



NICK OWSIANKA – Drums / Percussion / Vocals

He began playing the drums on pots and pans at the tender age of 5, inspired by the fantastic sound and energy of Ringo Starr with The Beatles. By 17 he was reviewed for a track in Rhythm magazine and given a 4.5/5 rating. He has performed, written and recorded with many great artists in the blues world, namely Mud Morganfield, Lurrie Bell, Little Jimmy Reed, Bob Hall etc, supporting high profile artists such as The Editors, Hundred Reasons, Jamie Cullum, Mos Def and many others. He has also worked on numerous occasions with companies such as the BBC on documentary soundtracks, adverts (for Garmin etc) and with multiple radio and TV appearances. His solid punchy groove and creative eclectic style brings to the band the modern and distinctive edge which clearly defines its sound.


MARCO MARZOLA – Double Bass / Electric Bass

Marco’s artistic formation started in the conservatory of Ferrara in Italy. Finding his first love in Jazz he moved to New York, where he studied with Barry Harris and Buster Williams. Marco has shared the stage and recorded with many great jazz musicians in Europe and the United States including Betty Carter, Jimmy Cobb, Sherman Irby, Flavio Boltro, Jimmy Lovelace, Stefano Bollani to name a few. With his fine playing, Marco adds that touch of swing to all Kat & Co. grooves, helping to consolidate the classy night club feel that characterise our style. www.marcomarzola.com

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