Album Review for Eamonn McCormack – Storyteller – Released on BEM Records.

This is the Dublin blues-rocker Eamonn McCormack’s seventh release and it encapsulates an eclectic mix of music styles and formats. They are all originals written by this talented singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist.


It has a retrospective feel to it and offers the listener an insight into his life experiences and how patriotic he is, as, on the first track, the ballad, The Great Famine, sung with true emotion and that’s the link to all songs here, he is a true lyricist.


The live production in Gypsy Women is very precise. Help Me Understand is quite hypnotic in tone, its a slow-paced number. Tie One On, is narrated by him full of Irish craic, with a smooth rhythm and good slide. Cowboy Blues, keeps the punchy rhythm going. Next is, In A Dream, the most bluesy riffed tune doffing a cap to influences like Rory Gallagher and Johnny Winter perhaps. Arne Wiegmand plays subtle keyboard on this, he also produced this release.

Every Note That I Play is a masterful ballad. With No Way Out changes tempo to a blues-rock feel. Cold, Cold Heart, has a Texan shuffle feel to it, and Eamonn snarls the lyrics out. South Dakota Bound, has a Southern rock twist to it, very catchy. And last track, Make My Move, is another rocky number and exhibits the band’s talents with Max Jung-Poppe keeping a tight beat and Edgar Karg’s bassline tones are sublime, a brilliant track to just get lost in and rock out. The core of a song is the lyrics and this storyteller takes you on a musical journey that’s not to be missed.

Album Review by Colin Campbell.

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