I’ve been playing and singing the blues for over 50 years and with more and more feeling that I have a good reason to do so as I age and life presents its various scenarios. The fingers may have slowed… but the voice still works. At my age, it’s always good to be able to sing “Woke Up This Morning”.

As I’ve got older I’ve found the applause lasts a bit longer and is louder. Have played clubs, pubs, bars, concerts, festivals – wherever there is a good atmosphere and someone in the audience, appreciates the performance. I was proud to be inducted (at last) in 2017. I’ve been performing acoustic blues for the past 50 years and still happy to find “I woke up this mornin’!” So, my Top 10 they start from when I was 17 and run chronologically for just three years.

1 – Twelve Gates to the City – Rev Gary Davis

I saw him in 1965 (there is a photo to prove it) and the power of the vocal delivery just blew me away – his guitar mastery was otherwordly at the time.