Album Review for Dustbowl RevivalIs It You, Is It Me – Released Independently.

Dustbowl Revival is a Los Angeles based band that really are breaking the rules in musical adaptation to the genre. They are constantly evolving as a group and on this thirteen track new release, there are so many layers and subplots that it keeps the listener awestruck.


They fuse all kinds of music into an eclectic Americana stew. The opener, Dreaming, which has dual vocalists, Zach Lupetin and Liz Beebe opening their soul about playing to an audience every night, there is a fine horn section as well.


It’s hard to think this only took a fortnight to create because of the talent here. Each member plays lots of different instruments even adding a Symphonic brass section. Every time you hear a track you just have to play it again it’s so good, sonically and musically.

Sonic Boom is a highlight full of melodic tone with fiddles adding to the arrangement. Get Rid Of You has a Memphis groove. The generational divide is met in the quirky and up-tempo, Enemy.

There is also catchy pop on Ghost. I Wake Up, is a classic love song. The track Penelope mixes guitar riffs with a distinctive big band feel, its all very well produced. Nobody Knows (Is It You) has a New Orleans take, its very catchy and danceable.

Mirror has a distinctive, roots feel, it’s slow and very melodic. Runaway has more of that New Orleans vibe.

Just One Song has a happy refrain and is a very emotional acoustic tune. Last track is Let It Go, a real heart-breaking track, very introspective with a soaring orchestral ending. This is a very bold release full of classy lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

Album Review by Colin Campbell

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