Beth Hart Reveals Heartwarming Video for ‘No Place Like Home’ Uniting Fans Across The World.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Love Music
There’s a place that’s meant for us
Full of faith, hope, love and trust


The world is going through a difficult time at the moment and it affects us all greatly with a number of countries imposing lockdowns, curfews and social distancing rules to protect us all, but it also results in many living in isolation. In times like these, the value of life, love and friendship comes to the front of our minds more than ever. Beth Hart fans have always been a community, a family even, and they have come together showing acts of love and happiness on the singer’s new video for ‘No Place Like Home’.


Although we are going through an unprecedented time in the world and millions of us have been asked to stay at home, we can all make that time at home with the people we love shine through more than ever, and together we can make a difference at this very difficult time.

Beth Hart can make the biggest arena or auditorium feel intimate, and this song, in particular, evokes that feeling, right now it feels more poignant than ever. The song was taken from the 2016 album ‘Fire on the Floor.’ The heartwarming video features footage of fans with their families, grandparents, children, loved ones and friends all coming together to show a little act of love can have a sprawling ripple effect of happiness.

It sees fans from as far as the Faroe Islands, Kurdistan, Mexico and Lithuania to Mongolia, Morocco, Canada, Iraq and Argentina. As well as Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Iran, Portugal, Turkey, UK, US, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Belgium and Australia

Talking about the video Beth said; “When I saw the video I cried, as I recognised so many of you. You guys looked so sweet, loving, happy and it just blew my mind. I think I cried for two hours after. Thank you forever, guys, I love you so much. There really is no place like home.”

Beth’s long time manager David Wolff also said; “Beth and her fans never cease to amaze me. This video is sooo loving, hopeful and inspiring. Thank you to everybody that made this possible.”
It shows that love is love, love is strong and that home is where you are happiest, and there really is no place like home. We will all get through this and we will come through stronger.

Please follow the advice of your local government and health authorities.

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