WILLIE JACKSON – All In The Blues – album review


Are you in the mood for some blues meets soul with a swagger? Well, you should be. And if you are then this record is going to be right up your street.

If you know the name Willie Jackson at all, then it will be as the frontman with the Tybee Blues Band who spend their time kicking it up in Georgia and South Carolina. Which isn’t the biggest catchment area but this record should help put that to right. It’s good time music with some entertaining lyrics set to some funky shuffles with honking horns and harmonica. As it should be.

He’s got a rich, deep voice which really suits the self penned songs. The songs themselves seem like old friends and I had to remind myself several times that I hadn’t actually heard tunes like ‘I’m Your Landlord’, ‘Stranger In My Hole’ and ‘She Needs Satisfied’. It’s an indie release so I’m not claiming its perfect as a couple of tracks suffer from programmed drums and even though I liked the backing vocals, the mix wasn’t quite right in a couple of places. But the bass and guitar work is excellent and whenever Jimmy Brown and Ace Anderson turn up with the aforementioned horns and harmonica then a good time is had by all.


Stuart A Hamilton

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