Album Review for VICTORIA GINTY – Unfinished Business

Released on Blue Door Records


Formed in the Spring of 2015, Victoria Ginty and her band Ladyhawke have been getting a lot of notoriety around the Florida area.


Victoria is the leading lady with a voice as sultry as silk and very evocative of classic soul singers. On this new release, there is an eclectic mix of styles and genres spanning eleven tracks including three covers.

There is passion galore on this classy release. The title track, Unfinished Business fuses flintiness with a finer bass line.

There is a Gospel edge to Take Me Down, starting with a haunting acapella style then Victoria testifies, a redemption song.

Hard To Move On conjures up relationship break up, things move on, some gutsy guitar on this mixing with resounding vocals.

Highlight song has to be You Don’t Love Me No More, full of angst and anger by the betrayed woman, it is punctuated full of bitterness, just divine.

This flows freely into the Jimmy McCracklin cover of Every Night And Every Day a slow driving guitar solo which is brilliant on this by Grace Lougen, harmonising with B Decker’s Hammond organ.

Give It Up is an upbeat number showing Victoria’s powerful vocal range. Again there are Gospel intonations on Water, co-written by Michael Alan Ward a slow-paced grower of a tune.

Covering Terrance Trent D’Arby’s Sign Your Name is difficult but the band takes a Latino stance on this and it’s an interesting reinterpretation.

Another highlight is Lying (In Each Other’s Arms) another cover, blues full of soul here, straight from the heart.

Do Me Right rocks along with a catchy chorus and trombone solo.

The release finishes with The Blues Found Me; this is another warning tale of choices people make.

Highly recommended, a tonic for your soul.


Album Review by COLIN CAMPBELL

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