The Cold Stares, renowned for their electrifying fusion of blues-rock, have unleashed their latest single, “Horse To Water,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into an upcoming array of fresh material slated for later this year. This latest track serves as a poignant exploration of the band’s unexpected yet warmly embraced ties to their Southern musical heritage. Venturing into themes of resilience, redemption, and the enduring influence of personal and musical legacy, The Cold Stares deliver a contemporary narrative that is uniquely their own.

Reflecting on the genesis of “Horse To Water,” guitarist/vocalist Chris Tapp reminisces, “After traversing the globe in recent years, we found ourselves repeatedly labeled as ‘southern’ in interviews and press. While this label wasn’t something we consciously sought, it inspired me to craft a series of songs that embody what ‘southern’ means to me.” Tapp further elaborates that “Horse To Water” pays homage to the southern blues rock tradition, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Bad Company and Skynyrd while authentically representing The Cold Stares’ current voice and perspective.


With its gritty guitar riffs, compelling vocals, and robust rhythm, “Horse To Water” captivates listeners, encapsulating the essence of southern blues rock through The Cold Stares’ distinctive lens. This release follows the resounding success of their recent full-length album, ‘Voices,’ which saw the band evolve both sonically and structurally. Transitioning from a duo to a trio, The Cold Stares embraced a classic power trio sound, blending raw power with emotional depth.


Since their inception in 2012, The Cold Stares—comprised of Chris Tapp, Brian Mullins, and Bryce Klueh—have earned acclaim for their explosive live performances and genre-defying sound. Seamlessly weaving blues, southern, and hard rock influences, their music has garnered attention across diverse media platforms, including major sports networks and popular video games like Cyberpunk 2077. With “Horse To Water,” The Cold Stares continue to honor their musical lineage while forging ahead with innovative and deeply personal creations that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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