On a Thursday night at Dingwall’s, the stage was graced with a stellar lineup featuring three outstanding UK artists. Kicking off the event was the remarkably talented Toby Lee. I’ve followed Toby’s journey from a young age through numerous social media videos. When he first emerged, he was a sparkly young lad with a sharp haircut and Timberland boots. Despite his youth, his guitar skills were undeniable. Now, he stands before me as a young man with long hair and muscles, still effortlessly shredding the guitar. 



His set was nothing short of fantastic, showcasing a collection of songs that left me eagerly anticipating his upcoming album. His brand of classy rocking Blues, particularly highlighted by tracks like “House on Fire,” had the crowd energized. It felt like his performance ended too soon, but I have no doubt he’ll soon be headlining his own shows.


Following a quick beer refill, the stage was graced by the master of growls and scowls, Mr. Ian Siegal, delivering a captivating solo set. Seated on a chair, Ian playfully scolded audience members for chatting (which I thoroughly enjoyed), all the while weaving his magical songs into the air. Tracks like “I Am the Train,” “Working on a Building,” and “Walking Hand in Hand” flowed effortlessly, accompanied by Ian’s sharp wit and sarcasm. His performance alone made the journey worthwhile.

Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, the queen herself took the stage. Like a bohemian gypsy queen, she glided onto the stage, a vision in white. This girl looked like a million dollars and sang like she was worth her weight in gold. Delving into her back catalogue, she treated us to favorites like “Medicine Man” and “Muscle Shoals.” However, tonight was special, as she unveiled a couple of songs from her upcoming album. Accompanied by her exceptional band, including the ever-dependable Joe Wilkins on guitar and the wonderful Demi Marriner on backing vocals and tambourine, her performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. If you haven’t heard Demi sing, you’re missing out.

Overall, it was a top-notch night of rocking blues. Just as we were about to wind down with coffee and cigars, we were treated to dessert as Toby joined the ensemble for the encore. Superb from start to finish.