This punchy, upbeat, hard riffing blues rocking track will lift spirits immediately and stay in the listener’s psyche for a long time, the perfect antidote to current woes. Irish guitarist, songwriter and chanteuse Grainne Duffy. looks beyond the dark clouds to those clear blue skies. A compatriot of and spiritual successor to Rory Gallagher, multi-award-winning and Glastonbury favourite Duffy has legendary status in her native Ireland and beyond. What makes her unique is the innovative blend of blues, rock, Americana, country and Celtic influences, inspirational songwriting and performances characterised by intense, emotional vocals and dazzling fretwork.


The infectious opening riff of Blue Skies precedes the implosion of Grainne’s smoky, powerful vocals reaching a crescendo with the chorus, “I got the blue skies baby up above/I got the bright lights burning and I just can’t get enough”. The singer is clearly in a good place and enjoying the vibe which she transmits with her trademark sincerity and raw energy, complemented by atmospheric background vocals. Duffy’s piercing guitar interludes are timely and tasteful with virtuosic guitarist Paul Sherry maintaining the mesmeric pace and rhythm alongside the dynamic drums and bass. Grainne never loses the pure joy of singing and she exudes the cheerfulness we all need to reassure us at this difficult time.

You can hear more of Grainne Duffy on her highly acclaimed 2017 album Where I Belong while waiting for her new CD release later in the year.


Blues Matters featured the meteoric rise of this Tyneside gipsy-folk-rock-funk band last year. These talented, versatile musicians have barnstormed festivals across Europe all summer and autumn, confirming their reputation as one of the most sought after bands on the folk-roots circuit.

Road To You starts innocuously with Conrad Bird’s acoustic guitar chords but quickly develops into an outrageous, mesmeric, controlled cacophony of sounds and outrageous visual effects interspersed with some spoken French. Welcome to the chaotic, raucous, wonderful world of HM&TC underpinned by creative genius and superb musicianship. The song may be more vaudeville than blues but the energy, showmanship, humour and feel-good factor will put a smile on your face.

For a broader perspective of the band’s styles and repertoire check out their 2019, Take A Bite album out on Pink Lane Records.


The charismatic lead singer of HM&TC launched her solo career with this single which garnered tens of thousands of plays on music platforms within days. Ruth is Artist In Residence at the prestigious Sage Gateshead concert venue and is using her residency to work on a solo project around her experiences as a disabled front-woman. Despite being a wheelchair user, last year the courageous musician performed at over 30 festivals and toured Europe.

I’d Give It All is a beautifully crafted love song with sumptuous strings and impassioned lead and backing vocals merging in a series of soaring, subtly layered crescendos in the quest to discover the right kind of love, keeping it and never letting go. Ruth bares her soul with amazing courage, conviction and just a hint of vulnerability.

The film complements perfectly the flow and emotion of the music. The underwater scenes are literally breathtaking with the ‘mermaid’ who is unable to walk on land moving confidently, effortlessly and gracefully in a mesmerising aquatic scene. The singer and the song are an inspiration to all of us.


The blues-infused Hold On highlights the best of the London-based troubadour’s songwriting acumen, nimble, fingerpicking, percussive guitar work, and soft, mellow vocal delivery. The intriguing mantra of the words “hold on” creates a calming effect and leaves the listener wishing it would continue forever. The chorus is relevant today as we all seek to hold on in these difficult times whatever happens.

This track from the brand new Live In London album is a taster for exploring the full repertoire of songs from one of the most honest, engaging, creative and principled musicians on the blues and roots scene.