LOS ANGELES, CA – Sugaray Rayford announces the release of “Human Decency” on June 14th via Forty Below Records. The title track emphasizes our shared humanity, transcending differences to focus on unity of hearts and minds.

The current single, “Ain’t That A Man,” offers a introspective twist on Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy,” exploring themes of self-awareness and humility. Featuring guitarist Rick Holmstrom and singer Saundra Williams from Mavis Staples’s band, along with a stellar lineup of musicians, the track captivates with its soulful energy.


Sugaray Rayford, known for his dynamic live performances, brings joy and connection to audiences. Collaborating with producer Eric Corne, Rayford’s latest album combines classic soul melodies, funky R&B grooves, and raw blues power, creating a modern yet timeless sound.


Rayford’s journey from early struggles in Texas to his time in the Marines informs his music, blending gospel influences with soulful expression. His commitment to social justice adds depth to his message, while his infectious energy ensures a good time for all.

Critics praise Rayford’s powerful vocals and electrifying stage presence, likening his sound to legends like Howlin’ Wolf and Teddy Pendergrass. Whether on record or onstage, Sugaray Rayford continues to solidify his place as a rising star in blues-soul music.