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Renowned blues-rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor has once again mesmerized fans with her latest single, “Someone Like You,” a breathtaking reinterpretation of Van Morrison’s timeless classic. In this rendition, Taylor embarks on an evocative journey, delving into themes of love, yearning, and the serendipitous quest for a kindred spirit. Her rendition not only pays homage to Morrison’s original masterpiece but also showcases Taylor’s remarkable ability to navigate the soulful depths of blues music with a fresh, contemporary flair.

The release of “Someone Like You” comes hot on the heels of Taylor’s previous single “Heavy Soul,” the title track of her highly anticipated studio album set to debut on June 7th via Journeyman Records.


“Kevin Shirley handpicked this song for us,” says Joanne. “It resonates with the universal pursuit of love and the profound joy of discovering someone who truly resonates with your soul. With this reinterpretation, I aimed to honor the essence of Van Morrison’s original while infusing it with my own blues-infused style. It’s about the journey, the yearning, and ultimately, the revelation of a love that feels destined.”


Joanne Shaw Taylor, celebrated for her exceptional guitar prowess and poignant songwriting, continues to ascend in the music realm with each new release. Her musical journey, which began at the tender age of 16 when she was discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, has garnered acclaim from industry titans like Stevie Wonder and Annie Lennox. Following the success of albums such as Reckless Heart, The Blues Album, and Nobody’s Fool, Taylor’s upcoming album, Heavy Soul, is poised to be another milestone in her illustrious career.

Heavy Soul epitomizes Taylor’s creative vision of bridging the gap between her recent album Nobody’s Fool and her deep blues roots. The album promises a seamless fusion of contemporary soul-pop with traditional blues influences. Featuring an array of accomplished musicians including Anton Fig, Alison Presswood, and Rob McNelley, Heavy Soul offers a captivating musical journey that leaves a lasting impression. Reflecting on the creation of the album, Joanne remarks, “For me, it was about reconnecting with my blues origins while infusing elements of contemporary soul-pop. It’s a blend of the old and the new.”

Fans eagerly anticipate Joanne’s Spring U.S. 2024 Tour, where she will showcase her latest hits alongside timeless classics. The tour, spanning the East Coast and Southeast regions, kicks off in Virginia Beach, VA, on March 29th, and culminates in Skokie, IL, on May 3rd. For more details regarding the album, single, and tour dates, please visit