Sea of rocks Ship Of Fools

Blues from the Delta is what we have come to expect, but not from the Rhone delta in France! 13 tracks all originals from what appears to be a 4 or 5 piece with additional guests as required. This is the first release from the band and if it’s anything to go by, surely won’t be the last. The very impressive CD sleeve doesn’t give as much information as I would have liked, so I am not entirely certain who the main vocalist is, but at times, he has a very Dylanish sound, albeit a lot more tuneful!


Does it matter that this is a French band trying to sound like a US Blues band? Not a bit of it, as there is nothing in the sound to give away their origins, and I wager that there are several bands out there that would give a lot to sound just like this. Overall this is an excellent well produced album with great original songs, even if the titles are repeated several times. There is some very tasty guitar work on love to kill and on the track Forgive, the addition of saxophone played superbly by guest musician Richard Raux. Once again another album where the musicians complement each other and there are no great egos at play here. If this is typical of what is going down in France now, I am going to be over there again this summer trying to track these guys down.