£50,000 cash prize for music makers, launch your career in the music industry on your terms!
image of Salute Music Makers logo Aiming to redefine and reposition writers, whilst supporting and empowering DIY UK talent, Salute Music Makers is a pioneering enterprise launching the next generation of unsigned music makers. The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their talents, with the opportunity to win a life-changing, no-strings-attached cash prize of £50,000.
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The independent competition is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Lars Bylehn, Jean- Claude Charnier, Patrick Butterfield, Minesh Patel and Michael Bylehn, who have employed new-wave innovator, music industry legend and ex-frontman of The Undertones, Feargal Sharkey, as the face of the brand. Salute’s competition is like no other, representing a multi-cultural diversity and the real face of the UK music scene.
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Covering all genres and providing an opportunity to platform unsigned talent, Salute aims to launch music careers for the abandoned and disenfranchised generation whilst fusing social media and TV, forcing a major disruption to the current music competitions. Salute will bring the rich mix of UK culture together through music and a legacy that will take music making back to the grassroots, with the key media partner, Unilad, the most viewed video publisher in the world and the most engaged and popular publisher on Facebook in 2016, carrying that trend into 2017.
Initially, ‘Music Makers’ will be allowed to upload a recording of their music to an app via their phone, whereupon a listening phase will follow.
During this time, the Salute team, along with respected curators, will listen, rate and evaluate the applications, narrowing down the applicants to a top 100. Rather than being engineered for entertainment, Salute bring about a shared equity scheme to the market for all unsigned writers. Simultaneously, music lovers and applicants will be able to share music through social media and the app, whilst interacting with others, rating the music and building playlists. Subsequently, Salute is able to create an active digital music community where music lovers can be taken on a genre-mixing journey of discovery. After this stage, the top 100 will be whittled down by a public vote to a final 6 who will each receive £10,000 and participate in the Salute Finals TV show.
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With a different theme each week, contestants will be required to create original material to perform, moving away from the ‘karaoke’ style of current talent shows. Contestants will be in pursuit of the ‘Salute Music Maker’ title and a prize of £40,000, taking the total winnings to £50,000 the biggest of any talent show worldwide.
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Feargal Sharkey


Feargal Sharkey commented: “British music can justifiably claim to conquer the world but that incredible success is built upon one thing, talent. In an age of television static and bewildering musical consumer choice, it is now more important than ever that we give the right, focused support and opportunity to the next generation of great British talent. Salute is set to make that happen.
The competition opens April 3rd for access to all entrants, whilst the ‘listening phase’ commences May 15th, ending in July when the top 100 will be announced and the music will be showcased via the platform.  It will then go to a live public vote to determine the final six, with the live shows beginning in September and the winner being announced in October.
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However, before all of this, Salute will introduce the project with an announcement event on 22nd March at new London venue, Omeara, opened recently by Mumford and Sons member, Ben Lovett. The event will encompass an interactive experience with live performances.
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