Following up on his highly regarded first album, here we have a quick taster of things to come with a three track EP featuring Fran Wood on vocals on track 3, which with track 1 is the second original on the EP, the second track being Marks take on Bob Dylan’s George Jackson. Somehow, this does not quite come off to my ear, it’s almost as if Mark were trying a little too hard to sound like Dylan.

I find that I am always wondering why go to all the trouble of producing an EP, when another 7 or 8 songs could see you with a full-blown album? However, setting that gripe to one side, we have a well-presented EP with some great instrumentation, where what I thought was a mandolin, turns out to be a bouzouki

And there is some nice slide work on a resonator, all of which makes me want to hear more, so I suppose that is the purpose of this offering, and Hell yeah, it works!