PAUL ASBELL From Adamant To Atchafalaya

CD Baby

This is the third release based around Steel string Americana and all that I can say is where can I get hold of the first two? This is guitar at its most sublime, Paul plays a selection from his collection, sounding at times like Chet Atkins, Martin Taylor and Mark Knopfler whilst managing to play tribute to those guitar greats of yesteryear like Lonnie Johnson, Bill Broonzy, Doc Watson and many others. There are 13 tracks here, several of which are instrumentals, and I have damned near worn this review copy out, it is that good. Can I pick out a favourite? Possibly the opening number Bill Bailey won’t you please come home. Yes I know that sounds naff but you need to hear it before you judge it, it is fantabbydozy! Was I impressed with this? You bet your life I was, I am off to check out Amazon now for the first two in this trilogy.