This four track demo E.P. from West Country blues artist Mark Saunders is an interesting introduction to someone who might just develop his style into something credible. Four covers, Not Fade Away, Tush, Taxman and Gimme Shelter, give a clue to his influences and they are canny tunes to crack. His gruff vocal adds a fresh element, particularly to Taxman, and takes each of the songs onto the porch and away from popular culture. If anything his blues guitar work is too low down in the mix, but then his intention is clearly to work the song. This is most evident on his epic acoustic version of Gimme Shelter. It’s a pained take that leaves no ambiguity in the air; love it or hate it. His end-of-the-world styling for the song has a visual authority and an eerie power that almost makes the set essential. Saunders can be seen on the live circuit in and around the Forest of Dean and from this short introduction should be sought out.