Brace yourselves, music aficionados, because a blazing tempest is about to hit our shores! Brazilian maestro Mario Rossi has unleashed his latest opus, “Smoke Burst,” and it’s a seismic event that will rock the foundations of the UK music scene. Prepare for an inferno of blues-infused brilliance that will ignite your soul and leave you craving more.

With “Smoke Burst,” Rossi has reached the pinnacle of his artistic prowess. This fourth studio album represents the culmination of his evolution as an artist, delivering a mature and flawless display of his musical finesse. Released independently, this magnum opus exemplifies Rossi’s musical essence, presenting a tantalizing blend of instrumental virtuosity and a carefully curated repertoire.


Each track on “Smoke Burst” is an inspiring testament to Rossi’s unwavering dedication. Guided by his insatiable passion for the guitar, Rossi never misses a beat, capturing every fascinating musical idea that comes his way. The result? A collection of songs that exude irresistible magnetism, leading listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey straight to the core of their being.


What sets “Smoke Burst” apart from its peers is the raw, unfiltered energy that permeates every note. Recorded live in the studio, Rossi and his band elevate the album to stratospheric heights of quality. The chemistry between Rossi, drummer Rafael Cacavallo, and keyboardist Edê Boy is electrifying, but it is bassist Marcelo Rocha’s infusion of jazz sensibilities that adds a unique and original dimension to the compositions.

Not content with just his extraordinary band, Rossi enlists the talents of musical luminaries to further amplify the album’s impact. With Richard Fermino’s unparalleled mastery on display and Lu Vitti’s soul-stirring vocals on “It Means Blues,” the album transcends its own boundaries. Not to mention the mesmerizing harmonica prowess of Steve Bell, all the way from the vibrant streets of Chicago, on the bewitching track “There’s No Hope for Willie Brown.”

The collaboration with Lu Vitti, guided by the discerning ear of album producer Othon Ribeiro, results in a sonic tour de force that effortlessly blends influences from blues legends such as B.B. King, Etta James, and Carmen McRae. The intoxicating allure of “It Means Blues” transports you to smoky nightclubs, where the air crackles with passion and the music lingers in your veins—truly an embodiment of perfection.

Attempting to articulate the profound emotional impact of Mario Rossi’s musical tapestry is a futile exercise. It is an experience that defies words, demanding to be felt firsthand. Only then can one truly grasp the beauty that unfurls when masterful artistry intertwines with musical brilliance.

“Smoke Burst” is unequivocally the zenith of Mario Rossi’s illustrious career—a testament to his artistic growth and unbridled potential. Prepare yourselves for a rhapsodic journey that will leave an indelible mark on the annals of the UK music scene.