Renowned blues superstar Joe Bonamassa is set to release “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2,” a tribute to his best-selling album “Blues Deluxe” on October 6th via J&R Adventures. The album features two new originals and eight covers of classic blues tracks, paying homage to influential artists such as Bobby “Blue” Bland, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, and Albert King. With this release, Bonamassa reflects on his career and showcases his growth as an artist, breathing new life into timeless blues tracks.

Bonamassa expresses his gratitude for the journey, saying, “If you had told me 20 years ago my career would last long enough to see the 20th anniversary of this little record called ‘Blues Deluxe,’ I’m sure I would have laughed.” He recognizes the significance of the original album, which was a turning point in his career after facing setbacks with major record labels and his booking agent. Bonamassa credits his manager, Roy Weisman, for believing in him and igniting his career once again.


Collaborating with his close friend Josh Smith as the producer of “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2,” Bonamassa aimed to demonstrate his musical growth over the past two decades. Smith aimed to capture the natural and relaxed essence of Bonamassa’s playing, showcasing the evolution of his artistry. The contrast between the confident 26-year-old musician and the established 46-year-old is evident throughout the album, exploring whether the fire and hunger still burn within Bonamassa.



To mark the announcement, Bonamassa has released the album’s latest single, “Twenty-Four Hour Blues,” a dynamic reinterpretation of Bobby “Blue” Bland’s classic track. The single showcases Bonamassa’s exceptional vocals and guitar solos, with an impressive outro solo that highlights his artistic growth. The accompanying music video adds another dimension to the track’s energy.

Bonamassa’s approach to “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2” was to assess his musical maturity and growth as a player. He acknowledges that he has become a better singer over the years, even though he humbly considers himself more of a musician than a vocalist. The album’s lead single, “I Want To Shout About It,” originally performed by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, captures Bonamassa’s joyful rendition with soulful solos from Reese Wynans and Paulie Cerra.

Accompanied by an exceptional band comprising Reese Wynans, Calvin Turner, Lamar Carter, Kirk Fletcher, and Josh Smith, “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2” features remarkable performances of blues classics such as Guitar Slim’s “Well, I Done Got Over It” and Bobby Parker’s “It’s Hard But It’s Fair.” Additionally, the album includes a new track titled “Is It Safe To Go Home,” written by Josh Smith specifically for Bonamassa, showcasing the artist’s vocal prowess.

Joe Bonamassa’s achievements continue to soar, with his recent live concert film and album, “Tales Of Time,” securing the 26th #1 spot on the Billboard Blues Chart. He will be embarking on a European festival tour before returning to the US for summer dates. Notably, Bonamassa will make his debut at the Hollywood Bowl for an exclusive concert experience with an orchestra, which will be recorded for an upcoming live concert film. Following the tour, he will embark on a US Fall Tour starting on October 23rd in Memphis, TN.

Recognized as one of the world’s biggest blues guitarists, Bonamassa’s willingness to take risks and explore new musical territories has characterized his illustrious career. His latest studio album, “Time Clocks,” received critical acclaim for pushing boundaries while staying true to his blues roots. The release of “Tales Of Time,” his captivating live concert performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, further solidified his reputation as a virtuoso guitarist and performer.

As Joe Bonamassa celebrates 20 years since the release of “Blues Deluxe,” his upcoming album “Blues Deluxe Vol. 2” serves as a testament to his growth, paying homage to the blues legends who inspired him while showcasing his own musical evolution. With a string of upcoming performances and an unwavering passion for his craft, Bonamassa continues to captivate audiences worldwide.