Fifty Road

At last a home grown artist, based I am guessing in Cambridgeshire, we have here a 9 original tracks, all written by Lexie. Having listened to the whole album, I am inclined to think that calling this a Blues release is a little exaggeration, as it is more Country pop to my mind. I also felt that on most of the tracks, that the vocals were too low in the mix as it was hard to tell what she was singing. Track 3 Eager Child had a nice lively feel with a nice blending of voices, but once again more clarity required. It was raining when I was reviewing this and I thought that it was a thunderstorm, before I realised that it was actually on the record! (Goodbye Herotio) there is a nice brass arrangement on In This Together and the vocal reminds me very much of Melanie (She of Little Yellow Taxi) The title track was probably my favourite, having a nice ethereal quality. Overall, I liked the package, but I’m still not sure that you’ll find it under Blues.