kyle esplin K
Piano rules as Scottish Kyle Esplin takes your ear for a roller coaster of a ride up and down the ivories as you are transported back to 50’s Rock and Roll and Boogie Woogie the dance hall is full and you just have to dance, shake those hips and smile at the infectious playing. The piano is accompanied by Kyle’s vocals full of passion and an international band that understands what they need to do, consisting of from Mallorca – Balta Bordoy (Guitar); Jose-Luis Garcia (Drums) and Argentinian Pablo di Salvo (Bass). His style will always be linked with Jerry Lee Lewis he also reminds me of Daniel Smith with the modern feel and clear cut sound of the notes; in truth though this is all Kyle he is no imitator he is the real deal when delivering blues, boogie style of piano driven music. When you see Stag O’Lee on the track listings you do wonder “do I need another version?” well this is different and is included because Kyle has something to add to the collective of artists who have delivered this much loved traditional song. With Folsom Prison Blues, Kyle has re-invented this Johnny Cash number and the drumming highlights the piano beat and the 50’s style guitar does so much more than simply adding another layer of glorious sound on this my favourite track. Great Balls of Fire may be under two minutes but it really punches a punch a real homage to Jerry Lee Lewis. Every track has a different beat, preventing the feeling that I have just heard that, the thirteen tracks all have one thing in common the infectious nature of the music.