Inspired by the variety of music in her parents’ music collection, Kat’s own music style has mixtures of blues, soul, gospel, hip hop, rhythm & blues and rock & roll. But most of all she is a blues woman.

She fronts her Blues Revival Movement, a musical revolution that aims to awaken the masses to the sincerity and emotion of the blues genre. She has a vocal delivery akin to her musical influences, full of powerful emotions. She draws her audiences into what she sings and her live shows are outstanding.

Kat Riggin’s Top 10 Blues tunes and it’s an eclectic mix indeed!

1 – I’m A Woman – Koko Taylor

It’s a feminine power song! It’s a song that makes me feel strong, fearless, sexy, and proud of my womanhood when I sing it.

Koko’s delivery of this song is still the best I’ve heard. She had the grit that it took to pull it off awesomely!