image of album cover for London based band JT4tet

We don’t hear enough instrumentals these days, so here’s something to put that right.

This is the London-based quartet’s debut outing. JT is Jon ‘T-Bone’ Taylor and 4TET? You work it out.


No spring chickens, they look like a group of retired bank managers but don’t let that fool you.


Just six tracks, all instrumental, and played with a fine level of sophistication.

The opener, Rhythmalypso pulled me in immediately.

There used to be a term called ‘dinner jazz’ so you might be tempted to dub this ‘dinner blues’. I know my dinner certainly went down well whilst listening to it.

Taylor’s a fine guitar player, and Tim Richards is a damn good pianist as track two, The Message reveals.

Andy Lafone gives a warm bass solo on the traditional This Train, as well as producing the recording.

Everyone here, including the skilled drummer Pete Miles, is laid back in a totally comfortable groove.

No, this isn’t a screaming foot-on-the-monitors blues rock album.

This is jazzy blues for grown-ups. It’s refreshing to know that in the UK we have a group of mature, talented guys like this who can go into the studio and produce something which has such clear, swinging confidence.

If they’re gigging near you, they’ll certainly be worth seeing.


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