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Highlights in Issue 105 are…

  • Paul Rodgers, our cover artist, has one of the most iconic and influential voices in British blues-rock history and we caught up with him to discuss his new album Free Spirit which celebrates the music of Free.
  • Scottish artist Andy Gunn talks about his recently sold-out T-Bone to Trucks shows at the popular and highly esteemed Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Ralph McTell and Wizz Jones have joined forces again to make About Time Too, a selection of acoustic blues numbers celebrating their 50-year musical friendship.
  • Plus we have a ton of album reviews to help you discover some new and exciting blues music!

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  • These British Blues Award winners are one of the hardest working bands on the circuit today and they’re currently enjoying success across Europe with many sold-out shows. Our writer recently managed to get a quick catch up with the busy and phenomenal frontman, guitarist and singer-songwriter Matt Long to discuss all things Catfish.

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  • The highly sought-after sideman is back again with another stunning album out called Shades, our writer sat down with him to talk about the collaborations on it with artists such as Eric Clapton, who cites Bramhall II as being one of the most gifted players he has ever encountered.

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  • AKA Samuel Eddy. Internationally acclaimed Irish singer and blues-rock guitarist Eamonn McCormack discusses his latest album, Like There’s No Tomorrow. He also chats about his friendship with legendary fellow Irishman Rory Gallagher, who he describes as being his biggest influence.

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  • Pt. 1. The Pretty Things. Following a 55-year career and with the Final Bow scheduled for December, along with special guests, our writer caught up with the singer Phil May to talk about it and some of this rebellious band’s achievements and personnel during their colourful history.

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  • This world leading blues harmonica player is the first UK citizen to be signed to the highly respected Chicago based record label Alligator Records. Here Robson talks about working with legendaries Bruce Kratz and Joe Louis Walker, plus their new album Journey To The Heart Of The Blues.

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  • Following their recent success of winning Best Band at the 34th Annual International Blues Challenge, held in Memphis, Tennessee, we caught up with powerhouse vocalist Keeshea from the Houston based Keeshea Pratt band to find out about their new album, Believe, their busy tour schedule, influences and more.

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  • The award-winning passionately powerful singer, songwriter and pianist Wainwright is best known for playing his reeved-up boogie-woogie and vintage blues. We recently caught up with him after a literally blistering live set on an overexposed Colorado stage to talk about his influences, tours and latest album.

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  • In this issue, we cover many exciting features such as Brian Kramer’s Nordic Blues, Blues In Croatia, The Betterdays, Danny Kirwan, Phenomenal Blues Women with Big Mama Thornton, and Swamp Blues.



  • We have many Festivals, Gigs, Books, DVD’s & Albums covered just for you.

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Blues Blood – Newcomers to introduce to you in this issue are Carl North & The Lonely Hearts (UK), Deep Blue Sea (UK), Joe Macdonald & The Walkin’ Hawks (CA), and Rowland Jones (UK).

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There’s so much going on here, so please, get your copy now so you don’t miss out!