image of album cover for Henrik Freischlader's Blues for Gary UK shows

You Want Moore?

Blues Matters writer Pete Sargeant talks to Henrik Freischlader.

A few special shows called ‘Blues For Gary‘ and nodding to the late Irish guitarist Gary Moore are planned by the formidable axe duo of Matt Schofield and Henrik Freischlader – with former Moore group players onboard.


Namely bassist Pete Rees and veteran keyboard player Vic Martin, with drummer Moritz Heinschafer.

photo of Blues for Gary rehearsals by Timo Wilke
Blues for Gary rehearsals by Timo Wilke

If Moore was your musical man, or if you are curious about his legacy, then these performances are highly recommended.

We had a chance to speak with Henrik about his own gear, the influence of Moore…and more.

So here we go…..

PS: I see you have Vic Martin aboard on keys for these dates – he’s a big fan of West Coast acts like Love, Spirit and Steve Miller…you will love the venue Under The Bridge.

HF: Yes, I have heard very many good things about that venue Pete, and I am looking forward to playing there with Matt and the guys very much.

PS: It’s the best room in the country for sound and vision, I have in the past encouraged Robben Ford and Sonny Landreth to perform there.

photo of Henrik Freischlader by Timo Wilke
Henrik Freischlader by Timo Wilke

HF: You are coming along to the gig, right? so I can give you some thoughts after that I hope..and hopefully good!

PS: What drew you into Gary Moore’s music?

HF: It was an instrumental song, on Back To The Blues…It struck me that it had a very nice feel ..starts off with the organ playing, which I like very much. With the organ, then the guitar it is almost like being in church in a way. And then the Albert King song, Oh Pretty Woman. Oh and the version of Stormy Monday. Seemed to be slow blues but along with elements of jazz and funk.

PS: “How do you approach playing at festivals?

HF: (Ponders) Just the same as club gigs, really. The vibe is different in some ways. For example, you don’t ever have much time to properly soundcheck with the crowd already there. Also, without the full time for setting up the stage, it’s a bit more like jumping into cold water. But I like the festival atmosphere very much, all those people coming together to enjoy the company and the music. In fact, my favourite thing to do is to soak up the vibe from all of the people who have made a point of attending to enjoy some music. Get some smiles! Connect with them…

photo of instruments for Henrik Freischlader RealTone Equipment

PS: You have some endorsements on gear?

HF: Yes I have some endorsement deals on RealTone amplifiers…simple, not too many knobs to confuse a player! They have a very natural and dynamic sound, which suits my styles. I have been playing those amps for twelve years now. I have two amps through two cabs. It’s pretty full and not too distorted, on stage. I don’t use too many pedals. A couple of boosters, maybe – going for a very clear sound. And the different guitars, well their individual sound will come through, in this set-up…

PS: Thank you Henrik – see you at the show

Article by Pete Sargeant

For artist info and tickets – Henrik Freischlader

The shows:

28 July 2017 – Under The Bridge, LONDON

29 July 2017 – The Tunnels, BRISTOL

30 July 2017 – Maryport Blues Festival, MARYPORT

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