Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces “From the Basement” album preview

giles robson album coverWe get sent a lot of albums ahead of their release (lucky us).


One of the latest is by Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces. Their upcoming new album, title From the Basement is clearly from a very noisy basement indeed.


So, what can Blues fans expect?

Nothing traditional, to start with. This isn’t Blues for the traditionalist, or even for the faint hearted. If you had to give it a genre, it would be a crossover – perhaps Glam Punk Blues?

This is a loud, proud album, with Giles’ grumpy, complaining vocals overlaying some extremely chunky drumming and intense guitar. There are a lot of influences here, with the guitar on Na Na Na Na Na (The Girl I’m Talkin’ About) reminiscent of Black Sabbath, hints of Motorhead in some of the drumming. The Sweet and The Clash come to mind too.

That said, besides these unBluesy names, there are Blues credentials on show. Ain’t No Forgetting is an early runner for most memorable song, a brisk blast of refrain, harking back to when The Animals covered Talking ‘bout you with such ferocity back in the Sixties. It is similarly repetitive, but for once the term is no insult – it is the most compelling song on the album.

An interesting twist is that, by contrast to the general heaviness, Giles’ harmonica playing is lighter, more in the John Popper/Blues Traveler vein. He has been compared to Stevie Wonder hitherto, so this suggestion has a precedent.

It can certainly be said that the resulting album is pretty unusual. The Blues has its share of traditionalists, who won’t easily like this. Though as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Taj Mahal and other successful Bluesmen have eked out pretty good careers, it is unlikely that this will worry Giles.

So, for a fresh and invigorating, high energy take on the Blues, look out for From the Basement.


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