We are thrilled and humbled to announce that All My Dues Are Paid, by the late Frank Bey, has been nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album in the 63rd Grammy Awards.

Today was a milestone for the family, friends and fans of the late Frank Bey and also for Nola Blue Records. 


A video look behind the scenes at Greaseland Studios

during the recording of All My Dues Are Paid:

“One of These Days”

In Loving Memory of

The Southern Gentleman of the Blues

January 17, 1946 – June 7, 2020

A thank-you from Nola Blue Records:


“Thanks to Tom and Kathy Dwyer for entrusting Nola Blue Records as Frank’s label; to Kid Andersen, Rick Estrin and the Greaseland Studios family of musicians for all of their efforts and generosity in recording and producing the album; to Kathy Murray for co-writing the title track with Kid, Rick and Frank; to Betsie Brown and the Blind Raccoon team for outstanding promotional support; to Debra Clark for Frank’s website and design work; to Joe Rosen for the album cover image and to Michael Cloeren and Ginny Buckley for all of their support. Last but definitely not least, thanks to the Recording Academy member voters, media, DJs, program directors and DSPs who have supported this release.”