Bristol-based, award-winning, singer-songwriter, Elles Bailey sits at the crossroads between Blues / Country Americana and is very much an on the road artist. She even named her chart-topping sophomore album Road I Call Home due to her love of the road.

Thanks, Blues Matters for asking me to share some of my favourite songs with you. So when I started complying this list I specifically wanted to focus on some newer blues music released over the last few years. And as I was going through some of my favourite songs I realised that all of them feature super-talented badass females who are tearing up their corner of the scene. The music industry has always been weighted towards male artists and musicians and I think it’s high time we shine some more light on the fairer sex.


So here are my 10 must-listen-to tunes that have been influenced by the Blues and that I reckon you will LOVE!


Hats off to these queens who are keeping the blues fire burning.

1 – Nicky Bluhm – To Rise You Gotta Fall

I saw Nicky live at Americana fest in Nashville in 2019 – this song just oozes sassy soul.

2 – Larkin Poe – Self Made Man

Probably the coolest duo in Blues Roots Rock right now and such an inspiration. If you don’t yet know Larkin Poe then you need to get to know them ASAP!

3 – Beth Hart – Trouble

This is my favourite Beth Hart tune and seeing it live is just something else.

4 – Bonnie Raitt – Gypsy In Me

Bonnie released her last record just as I was recording my debut album Wildfire and this song feels like it was written for me! I’m 100% Gypsy!

5 – Danielle Nichole – Save Me

I actually don’t know much Danielle Nichole music but whenever I hear this track on a playlist it always stands out. Note to self / check out more of Danielle Nichole’s music.

6 – When Rivers Meet – Like What You See

When Rivers Meet are an up and coming duo from Essex and they are coming up fast. I’m looking forward to having them support me on some shows later on in the year.

7 – Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone

I got to see Mavis Staples live at the Americana Awards and then someone managed to meet her backstage after the show. She’s one of my hero’s!

8 – Beth Rowley – Get It Back

Bristol-based Beth released her latest album late 2018 Gota Fria and I fell in love with it. The playing is stunning, and the writing so personal. This is my favourite track on the record!

9 – Ida Mae – Reaching

These are a talented duo formed by Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward – hailing from Norwich but residing in Tennessee. This is from there debut album Chasing Lights and I love the way their vocals entwine together.

10 – Ferris & Sylvester – Sickness

Another UK act slipping perfectly between Americana and Blues is Ferris & Sylvester and it was a tough call between London Blues but I have gone for Sickness. I’m very much looking forward to their new album!

Stay Safe everyone, see you on the other side and in the meantime – let’s keep the blues fire burning ♥️

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