On the 15th of May, the new Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch, London, officially opened for its  doors on a night of music provided by no less than the eldest son of Muddy Waters, Mud Morganfield.

Mud, one of the best Blues vocalists around, provided a signpost for the quality of music to come at the venue.


Those familiar with the much smaller Blues Kitchen in Camden (where the chili is a must-have) will not be surprised that the new Blues Kitchen is a place for good food. The ribs impressed Mud Morganfield, who shared them with his band. Chicago-born Mud, asked about the meal, said, “It’s just like at home.”


The newest Blues Kitchen has a contemporary appearance. The very friendly staff in their nice attire (a Joy Division T-shirt stood out) have a big room, with a very big bar, to work in. The theme could be described as a touch of shabby chic meets Blues heartland America, with tables with lots of small, distressed and coloured wood panels. There is comfy seating, booths, and a caravan. Yes, a bookable, period silver American caravan embedded in the restaurant for people to have a special time in.

Plus there are cocktails. A yellow one swirling eye-catchingly in a container was a Mojito, apparently (ingredients include white rum, mint and lime).

Do check out the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch and their quality musical line up, including Big Boy Bloater, Marcus Bonfanti, and Big Joe Louis, all appearing soon.

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Second photo: Kate Booker