This band has fused its style and call it acid blues. Bees Deluxe consists of Conrad Warre on lead guitar and vocals; Carol Band on keyboards, harmonica and vocals; Allyn Dorr on bass and vocals, and Paul Giovine on drums and percussion. They are based in Boston, and this was recorded in Florida, a batch of their favourite tunes played as live. Voodoo Doll, opens into a psychedelic frenzy but keeping a good groove, seems to exemplify the all-round band sound.


Etta James cover: Damn Your Eyes has a slow mellow take, the band jamming in the middle, great tone and rhythm. Robben Ford’s Prisoner Of Love ups the tempo sung with feeling. Robert Cray’s Bad Influence is a laid-back version with a Dire Straits guitar riff, different take. Walking Out, an original sees the band give a real barrelhouse blues approach. Bobby Bland’s: I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog is given a good reinterpretation some smooth guitar licks here and steady rhythm. For The Love Of A Woman has a traditional blues feel to it, certainly a highlight, the pace is upbeat, and vocals have feeling. Al Perkins’ Homework has a dreamy feel to it.


Freddie King cover, Palace Of The King is given a funky tone. Blue And Yellow ends the album with an upbeat original instrumental, showcasing their undoubted high-class musicianship. It’s all blues music, just with a different coating that makes this band stand out from the rest.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    COLIN CAMPBELL