Uncut are a powerful blues rock trio from France.

They comprise of ;Alexy Sertillange on vocals and baritone guitar, Enzo Alfano on lead guitar and on drums, Pablo Fathi. They have their roots in old school rock. Their live shows are a thing to behold full on showmanship.


As is this new album, it grabs you by the throat and doesn’t like letting go. Starting with the slower paced, Family Blues, it packs a punch. Highway To Cagne raises the noise level, some Rage Against The Machine approach here. Deandra is full on anthemic rock, well delivered sly vocals. Blue eyes Lover doffs a cap to The Doors with a really catchy groove, showing real blues style chords. Bee Blues, is a slow burner of a song, very melodic, then it bursts into life.


“Grabs you by the throat and doesn’t like letting go”

More diverse rhythms on Small Steps and good tone, makes this a good tune. Snake Boogie, is incendiary from the start, some heavy drumming to the fore here. Next song is called Display and again starts quietly and grows in stature throughout with a sonic background, wild vocals are mirrored by some stunning reverb guitar. Diplodocus starts off brassy and bold, some Deep Purple interpretation, then there is a saxophone solo mixed in, just for good measure.

Last song is The Trap; whispered vocals melt with a jazzy guitar refrain, then crescendos into soaring guitars and wailing vocals. A compelling listen with different waves of musical styles, this band can improvise and do have real talent.


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