As it says on the tin this double CD package covers output from the group immediately following the end of WW2 up to 1959. In common with their contemporaries The Flamingos, Dells, Penguins, Five Satins Moonglows and Cadets by today’s standards this music is well safe. Ideal for soft radio consumption and pushing only slightly against the conventions of the era Doo-wop was very popular.

However we must not lose sight of the fact that the close harmony style influenced bands like The Four Freshmen, The Beach Boys etc and of course by the time of the latter we had upped the tempo to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Back in the late forties and fifties Doo-wop songs were taken at a much slower tempo.


“A must for collectors”

Formed back in 43 in Charlotte Nth Carolina as a Gospel harmony group they comprised Gene Alford, John Wallace, Clarence Dixon and Oscar Broadway. Moving to New York they quickly gain popularity throughout the US thanks to countless radio appearances. Signed to Decca in 46 and their first release, Just In Case You Change Your Mind, gets this 58 track collection underway.


Now whilst I have to be honest here and say this is not really my music there is absolutely not a bad cut on this collection. I particularly like Cry, Got Her Off My Hands, It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie, I Wish I Had A Girl, If I May (with Nat King Cole) and O’ Falling Star. A must for collectors but for me a bit bland despite the very professional vocal harmony skills.