Dani Wilde will shortly be featuring as a Blues Diva at the Boisdale Viva La Divas Festival being launched on 12 September by Jools Holland. Blues Matters asked Dani a few questions ahead of the Festival: 

How do you feel about being one of the very select group of Divas for the Viva La Divas Festival? Particularly as you have a song to perform on the opening night plus a night to yourself on 14th September?


“Im really looking forward to it. Last year I toured 200 dates worldwide but very few of them in England so its great to play a gig in my own capital city. I opened for Jools with Chris Holland’s band at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2006 which was an absolute honour. In the same way it is a big honour to be a part of this festival.”


Have you played a Boisdale venue before and, if you have, do you have any special memories of it?

“No, this is my first time. I am a Boisdale virgin haha.”

The term diva is sometimes associated with excessive demands by top artists. Do you have any indulgences you like at shows (like dressing rooms full of flowers) or would have if you were to be indulged?

“To be honest I take pride in not being a Diva in regards to not making excessive demands but I always believe one should treat others as they would like to be treated. For me if you turn up at a venue with the soundman and promoter smiling, on time, welcoming and ready for a great night then that’s what makes a difference; just being friendly and working with people who are equally passionate about the music.”

Your website talks of a forthcoming new album. Can you share any details?

“I am working with Grammy Award Winning producer Ike Nossel on a Soul/Pop album. The single “r u sweet on me” is available now from iTunes and we have a video on MTV. I’ll always come back to the blues though.”

Your tour page says you are doing a show on your favourite Blues radio station in November – Radio Wey – just why do you like them so much?

“Martin and Heather who run Radio Wey are my favourite Blues radio presenters. When I get to go and do live sessions on their show we always have so much fun. They really do keep the blues alive.”

What is your most requested song when you play live?

“Probably Falling which is on my last release, “Juice me up”. It’s a soul song about falling in love inspired by my hero’s Foy Vance and Etta James. I especially love playing this song on our acoustic trio tours where myself, Will Wilde and Stuart Dixon (Eddie Floyds guitarist who I have stolen haha) do a really rootsy intimate rendition but on my album its a bigger production with keys and brass.”

Tell us about your support for children in Kenya

“I have been running projects to help street children in the slums of Kenya for 6 years now. With the support of a charity called “Moving Mountains” we get children off of the streets and in to school and then try to make primary school as great an experience as possible. These children had never used colouring pencils before, and the joy it brings them is just incredible. Thanks to the support of my fans we have built classrooms, provided running water and working toilets, sports equipment, reading and writing materials, and of course music lessons and instruments…. Of course the girls are learning electric guitar!” “If you’re in a position to help a donation of any size will go a long way; visit www.daniwilde.com

Fans of the Blues who like a great night out should get themselves down to the Boisdale Canary Wharf and enjoy the food, drink, and listening to Dani, who is really getting out there for the Blues. We enjoy her talent – and her talented band, stolen or otherwise acquired! Another Blues act of note, Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation, play the Boisdale Belgravia on 29th September. 

Boisdale Viva La Divas Festival

Dani’s night