Norwegian guitar virtuoso Tora Dahle Aagård, accompanied by her band TORA DAA, is riding high on the waves of their European tour success with the release of their latest single, “Sugar.”

Marking their first release in two years, “Sugar” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming fourth album, slated for 2025. While firmly rooted in pop sensibilities, Tora infuses her music with the soulful echoes of blues legends, creating a fusion of old and new that defines her distinctive and timeless sound. “The song is wrapped in a modern rock sound with hints of blues and soul – I’ve even borrowed the phrase ‘Sugar pie honey bunch’ from The Four Tops’ 1965 smash hit ‘I Can’t Help Myself’,” Tora shares.

Fresh off a triumphant tour in Sweden, TORA DAA continues to enthrall audiences with their electrifying live performances. Last year’s international tour in France and the UK saw them mesmerizing crowds with their raw talent and infectious energy, earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike:

“Backed up by her excellent band, it was a top night of high energy. Tora had the audience in the palm of her hand with a mixture of humour and raw talent […] if you get the chance to see her somewhere else I really encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it.” – Graham Hutton Photography

“Killer axe woman, fab voice and oodles of stage presence […] If UK festival promoters do not grab this lady and her band for spring and summer dates very soon, call the cops as a crime will have been committed!” – Music Republic Magazine

Tora Dahle Aagård’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From gracing the stage of London’s Royal Albert Hall to jamming with guitar icons like Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, and Aaron Sterling, she has carved a name for herself in the world of music. Her accolades include sharing the main stage of LIVE with luminaries such as Joe Bonamassa, Carlos Santana, St Vincent, and John McLaughlin.

As the International Ambassador for Marceau Guitars, Tora has cemented her legacy with her own limited edition signature guitar models, a testament to her influence and prowess in the guitar community. With “Sugar,” Tora DAA continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of modern music, leaving audiences craving for more of their sweet sounds.