Check out this video of Toby Lee with Ronnie Baker Brooks, John Nemeth and Sugaray Rayford playing live at the prestigious Blues Heaven Festival, in Frederikshavn, Denmark in November 2017.

Toby also appeared on TV2 Copenhagen and was interviewed immediately after his flight landed.


Toby Lee and Ronnie Baker Brooks at Blues Heaven, Denmark photo taken in November 2017

Blues Heaven Festival, Frederikshavn, Denmark – 4th November 2017


This video also features Toby in the Talkin’ Blues & Brunch with Wee Willie Walker, Rick Estrin, Kid Andersen & host Big Llou Johnson.

And…he Jams at Freddy’s Bar with Kilborn Alley, Mike Leadbetter & Wee Willie Walker!

Ronnie Baker Brooks video in full – The Facebook version of this video has now been viewed over 93 MILLION times!!


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