Tito Jackson Releasing His Label Debut Album “Under Your Spell” on August 6

Gulf Coast Records and Hillside Global announce the signing of pop, soul and blues legend Tito Jackson and will release the singer/guitarist’s label debut album, Under Your Spell, on August 6. Under Your Spell will be available for pre-order on July 9, which is also the date the album’s first single, “Love One Another,” will be released.

The California-based Jackson is supported on the new disc by an array of superlative special guests, including George Benson, Joe Bonamassa, Marlon Jackson, Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush and Stevie Wonder, who all add their special talents to the proceedings. Above it all though, Tito Jackson’s innate abilities as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and arranger shine through brilliantly, creating a special recording that is destined for airplay and rave reviews in a number of formats.

The debut single off the album, “Love One Another,” is the perfect antidote for today’s times of doubt and trepidation, as the vocals of Tito, along with Marlon Jackson, Michael K. Jackson and others soar above the musical bed of melodies that feature the sweet sound of Stevie Wonder’s signature harmonic style.

Continuing on the path set for Jackson when he broke into the music business as a member of the legendary Jackson 5, Tito continues to grow as a musician and performer, with Under Your Spell as the extraordinary present he has bestowed on the listening public.

Tito Jackson Album Track Listing

  1. Wheels Keep Turning
  2. Love One Another
  3. I Like It
  4. Under Your Spell
  5. Dyin Over Here
  6. Big Leg Woman
  7. You’re Gonna Push Me Too Far
  8. That Kind Of Love
  9. Rock Me Baby
  10. All In The Family Blues
  11. I Got Caught (Loving in the dream)
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