Fresh from the success of the recent ‘Thrill Blues Festival’, Croatian group The Sunnysiders took a few moments out of their busy schedule to share with us their five favourite blues songs of all time. By their own admittance “It would be much easier for us to choose 50 blues songs, still we will pick our top 5!”. We hope you enjoy the selection which Rola and Boris have prepared for us here at Blues Matters today!

1) Tampa Red – I Forgive You

Just one of 335 songs that Tampa Red recorded during his career. It’s never been a hit, but we like it a lot because of the funny lyrics, the nice melody and two-part singing. She is doing everything to get rid of him, but he keeps forgiving her, because he loves her.

2) Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe – Can I Do It For You

A lot of Sunnysiders songs are conversations between a man and a woman because we wrote our songs as a duo, so naturally we chose this Minnie and Joe duet. They recorded a few of them, but we loved this one, and we made our own cover a few years ago.


3) Otis Spann – Moon Blues

A very sensitive and strong song with great arrangement and a flute solo. But most powerful are the lyrics that Otis wrote about how America sent people to the Moon, but things on Earth are still the same. “I love my country but my country don’t love me” – so strong.


4) Boz Scaggs – Loan Me A Dime

From the Hammond/Piano intro, emotional singing from Boz, the heavenly guitar of Duane Allman to the up tempo and rising brass section at the end of this twelve and a half minute long minor blues making this performance one of the best covers ever made.

5) Peter Green – Loser Two Times

A song from Peter Green’s solo career. A funky blues tune with a great groove, bass line, backing vocals and a sensitive vocal by Peter. He lost his money, he lost his girl and even lost his mind, but he never lost his touch for the blues.

The Bridges by The Sunnysiders is out now.