The Music: My Life – with Diane Hinds and Alan Pearce

In her popular series of interviews for “The Music: My Life” on, Diane Hinds chats with Alan Pearce, editor of the multi-award winning magazine Blues Matters about the emotional engagement he has with certain artists and their music.

“Music is a universal language and has the ability to help process our emotions and inspire.” Diane states. “We all have records which can immediately take us back to key points in our lives and recall how we felt; good or bad, and those stories can be powerful to hear. My mission is to help make a positive difference to one listener. If that happens, my guests and I are doing something right.

In this edition, broadcast on the 29th May on, Alan shares his story about tracks and artists which have helped inform and inspire his life and career.

“The Music: My Life” Saturday 29 May, 8PM BST on, then available on Spotify, iTunes, Anchor and other good podcasting platforms

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