On first glimpse this looked like a comedy CD, on reading the info sheet it sounded like one with reference to ‘driving blues with riffy rock and often tongue-in-cheek vocals, it is an eclectic mix of original songs that ponders life and love on the marshes of Kent – both for humans and sheep’. Makes you think doesn’t it!?


Well I can assure you dear reader that this is a damn fine album indeed that stands much playing. The band have supported Wilko Johnson at the 100 Club a couple of times and the word is spreading and I am not surprised. The playing is top notch with fine guitar from Neil Roberts, who also provides the vocals that deliver throughout, John ‘Barney’ Barnes provides bass, Peter West the drums and Elaine Roberts further vocals. If the titles such as Surf ‘n’ Turf, Wrong Tree Baby, Slaughterhouse Blues and Jeff Bin In? amused then pay attention to the lyrics that lay atop the chunky and rhythmic music and you will indeed be pleased. Black Dog Boogie chugs along with neat slide middle section and great boogie rhythm, Wrong Tree Baby opens with lovely guitar and vocal about a dog that has had its’ day, this is a fine tune, listen and pay attention. Shame they didn’t produce a lyric sheet.


Monopoly kicks in at a pace and yes it is about the players, streets and characters in the game itself and done so well. Slaughterhouse Blues with a menacing intro that catches you nodding your head in time works very well with Neil and Elaine taking vocal in turns over slide guitar then end in acapello. Sheepish is about, well it’s about sheep, loves and life of sheep. Keep your tongue firmly in your cheek coz you are gonna laugh, and there is a fine solo as well. Jeff Bin In? lyrics are about tell tale signs that someone has indeed been in, but do listen to the words again! A bit NCIS if you dare.

The closing Life On Marsh has a neat almost funky feel, tingling guitar with good tone, solid drum and moves along nice and gently as a lovely short closing instrumental. I do recommend this to your ears