Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Oasis film director Dick Carruthers at the video controls of new Stephen Dale Petit single Zombie Train.

Zombie Train is taken from Petit’s most recent album 2020 Visions and in a move to underline and provoke thought regarding fake news and the brainwashing of us all by the establishment and power brokers. The Zombie Train video further challenges by morphing the fast-rising guitar guru/vocalist into ravishing choreography leading light Christina Andrea – whose creative magic has recently graced a diverse list of projects and talents ranging from The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, to Game Of Thrones, Mary J Blige, and Nike, Paloma Faith and Reebok, to mention a few.


By way of clues to the song’s (and video’s) hidden meaning, Petit wryly refers us to the famous Alexandr Solzhenitsyn quote “We know they’re lying; they know they’re lying; they know we know they’re lying; we also know they know we know they’re lying – but they still lie”, whilst also mentioning recent Elon Musk Twitter publishings of FBI involvements in that platform’s ‘truth vetting processes’, saying “the 60s yoof counter-culture would have lost their collective shit about such a corrupt arrangement”.


Zombie Train, as on the single and video, is a radio edit of the full, and wonderful 9+ minute original as featured on the 2020 Visions album which, as with previous albums, boasts a string of rock icons desperate to be involved with the Californian-turned-English-gent axeman: with sleeve design from Beatles Revolver art maestro Klaus Voormann, photography from Pattie Boyd and musical cameo appearances from Paul Jones (harp on ‘Soul Of A Man’), Shemekia Copeland (vocals on the same song) and, surreally, Ringo Starr (singing Happy Birthday to SDP on ‘The Ending Of The End’).

Petit is currently working on his next album due out Spring 2023.