RON BEER The Blues Don’t Say It All


Ron Beer The Blues Dont Say It All

Not knowing much about Ron Beer, after listening to the first two tracks of this fine album I decided to find out more. Ron Beer is Canadian, from Ontario, and holds a degree in song writing. He’s put that academic base to good use by the sound of it. This is his fifth outing on CD, and he’s well known in that fine land of pine trees, mountains and lakes as a singer, songwriter, author and entertainer. This latest CD, The Blues Don’t Say it All offers his fans a deeper delve into Ron’s soul and music. Out there on the Prairies, tune into the radio and you’ll hear that this album reached No.5 in the Calgary music charts.


The tracks cover a range of blues styles, with the moody title track, the simmering passion of I Understand, and some fine vocalising on Play House, with its swinging chord sequences and warm brass. Beer is totally involved in music. He’s written 3 song writing books and is even a successful graphic artist with his popular Boogie Boy Blue graphic novel series. As an active member in his community, Beer has opened a Songwriter’s Music School, and his fine guitar playing complements his rich voice on every song. The songs have a great melodic structure, the production is good, putting Ron right up front where he belongs, and judging by the sound of the band, he knows some fine musicians.


Canada has everything to be proud of when it comes to the blues, and I don’t know if he likes a drink, but with a name like Beer, this is the music you’d be born to play. Let’s hope he makes it across the pond – he’d make a perfect act for Jools Holland’s Later show.