Ones That Got Away 3 – Emanuele Fizzotti

As we’ve said before, and will again, our bi-monthly magazine, cram-packed with 132 pages of Blues news, features and reviews bursts at the seams with content. So much so that some articles burst out and can’t fit in the issue! Thus we have our the latest article that jumped our distinguished pages and couldn’t be put back, a review of an album by an Italian in London.


We give you Emanuele Fizzotti and a review of his album “Manny’s Blues”.


MannysBlues CD cover webManny’s Blues are, in fact, many Blues. There are a lot of influences on show here, but the result is a very entertaining album. The opening track, Dylan’s ‘Odds and Ends’, is given the Rhythm and Blues treatment and has a foot-tapping bounciness. Emanuele’s vocals are reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, and this (seriously) has similarities to Dire Straits livelier songs, like ‘Twisting By the Pool’. The Beatles ‘Lady Madonna’ has the zip and verve of the original and is well worth a listen. ‘Do you love me’ has (as occurs elsewhere on the album) hints of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The traditional number ‘Railroad Worksong’ is lovely, up there with the quality of the tunes on the truly excellent ‘Delta Time’ album by Hans Theesink & Terry Evans. ‘Shut up’ is back in bouncy territory and an example of the very good drum work on the album by Luca Roffino and Andrea Beccaro. ‘Brand new love’ is a splendid, stately slower Blues with the best organ work on the album. ‘I can fly’ is reminiscent of the classic ‘Flip, Flop and Fly’ and is a joy. ‘Something ain’t right’ is in bright, rockabilly, Elvis territory, in both singing and guitar – and there is nothing wrong with a bit, or a lot, of Elvis. Finally, ‘No peace of mind’ is a song of two identities, mostly a funky beat, but with a really seriously cool sequence of guitar and near psychedelia that Hendrix would have enjoyed. It is the most gripping piece of music on the album.

If you like most of the threads that make up the Blues – hints of acoustic, slow songs, fast songs, songs of joy, songs of lament, you’ll find them here, and enjoy them.

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