I was a sucker for the soul meets blues Malaco Record releases of the late seventies / early eighties. You know – Dorothy Moore, ZZ Hill, Denise LaSalle – that sort of thing. And as this release from Miss Lady Blues would happily fit into that catalogue, it goes without saying that I enjoyed it.

Turns out this is the second release from Alabama born / Georgie based Kesha Boyd following on from Pieces Of My Soul, and if you like the idea of horn driven funky soul with a hint of blues, then this will be very much your sort of thing.


She’s got a good voice and the original, band written, material is of a surprisingly high standard. It’s a sh*t hot band as well with Dexter Allen, Sam Reynolds, Trevor James taking turns on bass with the aforementioned Mr Allen playing the guitar and Joey Robinson on drums, piano and organ. I’m guessing the horns are sampled but it’s not audibly noticeable.


Most of the music in a mid tempo groove with the highlights including She Ain’t Me, Addicted and Can’t Be Love. A real good one.


Stuart A Hamilton