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King King release their new album to an eager audience and it immediately shoots to the #1 Blues album spot in both iTunes & Amazon, so with 5* reviews coming in from many sources, their Tour which begins on 26th October is sure to be a big hit amongst fans.

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King King are on fire right now and there’s no denying the momentum of the Glasgow rockers saluted as “the best blues-rock band in the world” (Blues Rock Review) – but for Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Coulson (bass), Wayne Proctor (drums) and new band member Jonny Dyke (keys), it’s far from mission accomplished.


“We’re not stopping to smell the roses,” says Alan. “We want to take this band as far as we can.”


In another year of quantum leaps, perhaps the main event in 2017 is the release of Exile & Grace. Mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Feeder, Therapy?), this is their fourth album, unveiling a tracklisting that bristles with sharply observed lyrics and blues-rock firepower.

“There’s an underlying theme on the new album,” explains Alan. “Some of the main songs are about the state of the world, ya know, this beautiful blue planet that’s turning into a battlefield. There’s an edgier, rockier feel this time around, but you’ve got the soulful ballads as well. It’s still King King. It’s just what we’re doing now.”

Exile & Grace is sure to give King King’s setlists a shot in the arm, as the band roll out on a live itinerary in late 2017 that takes in many European dates, including Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and a set of 9 shows across Denmark. They end the year with 3 UK shows – TOUR SCHEDULE

“We decided to take that leap,” reflects Alan. “We just need to believe in that old adage from Wayne’s World – if you build it, they will come. I think we’ve got the ambition and the drive to make it work.”

Anyone who has caught King King live in recent times will vouch for their ability to conquer any venue. In 2016, the band’s schedule took them everywhere from Mumbai’s Mahindra Festival to five UK arena shows with hard-rock heroes, Thunder. “To walk onstage and say, ‘Hello Wembley!’” reflects Alan, “that was a dream come true.”

Catch Alan here talking about the inspiration behind one of the songs from the new album called BETRAYED ME

New Video Release for BROKEN which singer Alan describes as being about the state of the world that we live in today, it’s about the destruction and the greed, and the wars and devastation that we’re currently witnessing across our beautiful planet. He says it’s not a political song, it’s from a human perspective, it’s what we see.

Exile & Grace can be downloaded and purchased from iTunes, Amazon, Manhaton Records and from their own website at King King Merchandise.

You can also buy and preview individual tracks from the album here –

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2018 Tour Dates – Ticket links here

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